About HYP

Meet the Directors


Jon Hansen. In 2016 the HYP welcomed our new director. Jon brings to the program with wide, varied experience, astounding musicianship, and new energy. Under his direction the Bloomington HS North and Bloomington HS South Orchestras have both earned top honors in the prestigious ISSMA State Orchestra Finals, and the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic (the orchestras combined) have travelled on concert tours to Orlando and St. Louis.

Assistant Director

Juli A. Enzinger is Assistant Director of Orchestras for the Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC). In this capacity she is Assistant Director for the Bloomington HS North and South Orchestras, the Jackson Creek and Tri-North Middle School Orchestras, and oversees the elementary strings program. In 2016, Juli was the recipient of the MCCSC “Star of Excellence” Award for Outstanding Service and Dedication. Juli graduated from Indiana University in 1980 earning a Bachelor of Music degree with Distinction in Violin Performance. Her vast musical expertise, master teaching technique, and savvy classroom demeanor have not only helped build the orchestras to the solid program it is today but also assure that the musical and educational opportunities will continue and surpass the level reached presently.

In the performing field, Juli served as Concertmaster for the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra (1990-2012), and as Concertmaster for the Bloomington Pops Orchestra (1996-2013). Juli currently serves as Assistant Concertmaster for the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, as Assistant Concertmaster for the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra, and as Section First Violin for the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. She is the First Violinist of the Cascades String Quartet, a group that has been playing together for over 25 years. Juli maintains a Private Studio of violin students. Many of her former students are filling the concert halls and universities throughout the United States as premiere performers and orchestra members.

Juli’s son, Dr. Jordan Enzinger, earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Performance Diploma Degrees in cello performance from Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and his Doctorate in cello performance from Rutger’s University Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Founding Director, Emeritus

Jane A. Gouker became Director of the Bloomington High School Orchestra program, and chair person of the entire string program for the Monroe County Community Schools in 1980. At that time the orchestra program was in disarray. Jane worked diligently and tirelessly to build and develop the orchestras and now the MCCSC maintains a healthy, successful, award-winning, and complete program that offers students an opportunity to enjoy making music. The strength of the program and the accomplishments of its ensembles over these past 37 years have not only earned respect throughout the music community, but are considered a shining star of the Monroe County schools. Recently the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic was honored with the “Leading Light Award” by the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, the Franklin Initiative, and the Monroe County School Corporation for the impact the orchestra has had on the community and the exemplary way the HYP has represented the community and our schools. Under her direction the Bloomington HS North and Bloomington HS South Orchestras both placed in the prestigious ISSMA State Orchestra Finals various years; and the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic (the orchestras combined) travelled on 31 concert tours – performing in Carnegie Hall in New York City, in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., in Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, in the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, and in the Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee. Other tours ranged from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta, from Virginia Beach to Honolulu, Hawaii. Many of these tours involved an orchestra competition and the HYP earned consistent superior ratings, and the grand championship at the North American Music Festival in Toronto, Canada in 2000. In June, 2009 the “HYP” traveled to France by invitation from Musical Celebrations International. The orchestra performed at the American Cemetery in Normandy in tribute to the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, of which her father was involved, and several times in Paris.

Jane grew up in Red Lion, Pennsylvania as part of a very musical family. Her dad had been in the Army Band in WWII; her grandfather, a community band director; and her brother, a music educator and supervisor of music for the Red Lion public schools. As a youngster, she studied piano and theory at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland. Jane graduated from Indiana University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Music Education degree, as a double instrument concentration in piano and double bass. She studied with Mrs. Sidney (Bronja) Foster, and Murray Grodner and Greg Dugan respectively. In 1989, Jane earned her Master of Music Education degree also from Indiana University, with a minor in child psychology. She began her teaching career in Virginia, initially for the Fairfax County public schools, and later for the Manassas City public schools, in elementary and middle school strings.

Jane serves as President and Treasurer of the Bloomington Alumni Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon, and is principal bassist for the Southern Indiana Wind Ensemble. Jane has been chosen for the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers several times and is listed in Marquis’ Who’s Who Among American Women and Madison’s Who’s Who of Professionals. She has been recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as a “saluted teacher”, has been honored as the Monroe County Educator of the Year, and has been named Bloomington’s “feature teacher” of the month. In 2010 Jane was recognized by her hometown and her high school as an extremely accomplished alumnae, and therefore was inducted as a member of the Red Lion Area Hall of Fame by the Red Lion Education Foundation.

There has been an endowment created in Jane’s name and honor by the HYP Orchestra Booster Parents. This endowment is through the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County. The purpose of the Endowment is to ensure that the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic, and the MCCSC Orchestra Program, continue to survive and thrive despite any future financial challenges the school system may meet. More information, and an opportunity to donate to the endowment, may be found at: http://www.janeagoukerendowment.org

At the end of school year 2015-16, Jane retired. The baton has been passed to the very capable hands of Mr. Jon Hansen (who ironically had been her student teacher in 1992-93). Jon comes to the program with wide, varied experience, astounding musicianship, and new energy. Since retiring, Jane has re-discovered her first love – the piano – and is performing in local venues and for special occasions. Jane misses her orchestra and her “kids”, but she now has more time to devote to her many other interests – gardening, cooking, holiday decorating, catching sunsets, and camping and traveling in her motor home with her exuberant best friend, Shadow, a black Labrador mix!

HYP Booster Club Officers & Standing Chairs


President: Deborah Deliyannis, hypboosterprez@gmail.com

Treasurer: Stephanie Riggle, hypboostertreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary: Christina Jones, christinamjones @ gmail . com

Standing Chairs

Social Media Chair: Mindy Bartlett, 812-327-4248 (texts), mindybartlett@sbcglobal.net

Photography Chair: Mindy Bartlett

Concert Recording Chairs: LaDena Simmons (co-chair), Kristy Olsen (co-chair)

Website Chair: Christina Jones (co-chair), Amy Potthast (co-chair)

Directory: Jill Steiner

Grocery Cards: Jill Steiner, Mindy Kyle

HYP Boutique: LaDena Simmons

Restaurant Nights: Holly Bales-Hall, Kareston Hall, Jill Nicholson-Crotty

Car Washes: (vacant)

HYP Booster Club Event Chairs

Welcome Dessert (member event): Chris Arterberry

Night of Dance (fundraiser event): Ana von Heimburg & Merry Pridemore

Holiday Cider (concert): Allison Allsop

String Spectacular (concert): Kristy Olsen

Spaghetti Supper (fundraiser): Cheryl Rich, Jen Rhoda, Natasha Stogdill


  • What is the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic (HYP)?
    It’s the combined orchestras from Bloomington High School North and South. All high school students in their school orchestras are a part of it. Their parents can help at many concerts, events and activities to help with raise funds and support the students.

  • Do the high school orchestras do some things on their own?
    Yes. The high schools compete individually in the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) contests each year. There are also a few times, such as the open house for each high school, when the North and South orchestras play by themselves.

  • What is the Welcome Dessert?
    The Welcome Dessert is during the first week of school, on an evening in the cafeteria at Bloomington South. It’s the time when freshman students and their parents are invited to learn more about what HYP does throughout the year, to get measured for their outfits and to sign up for ways to help. The calendar of events for the year, as well as information on what’s expected of students, is handed out. There are delicious desserts provided by parents of older students, and the chairs for the various HYP booster fundraising events will explain parts of what happens throughout the year.

  • Why do we owe $100?
    The $00 is a nonrefundable fee charged the first year to help offset the cost of the outfits (tuxes for boys and long black dresses for girls) and the HYP polo shirt that each student receives. The cost of the shirts and outfits far exceeds the $100 but it helps a little. Please make checks payable to HYP and give them to Mr. Hansen. If you have a financial hardship, please communicate that to Mr. Hansen, as well!

  • Why are there different colored ties and cummerbunds with the outfits?
    When students are performing as the Hoosier Youth Philharmonic, the girls will wear gold and black cummerbunds. When students are performing as BHS South, the girls wear purple and the boys wear black, and when performing as BHS North, the girls wear maroon and the boys wear black.

  • Why is there an HYP booster group?
    There are many expenses each year that must be paid to have the orchestra perform concerts, purchase new music, pay for instruments and instrument repair, compete in contests, play ensembles at various events and take an annual trip. The boosters are involved parents and sometimes other family members who ensure the various fundraising events throughout the school year are properly run and manned. This is a great way to meet other parents and to get to know more of the HYP students. The boosters also support the students in the orchestra, encouraging them to do their best and attend the concerts and other performances.

  • Do parents do all the work?
    No. HYP students must also participate by first of all attending and playing in all concerts and rehearsals. The students are also expected to help with raising funds throughout the year and/or playing in ensembles as a way to earn the merits needed to go on the annual trip.

  • Why is there an annual trip?
    It’s one of the special events that helps define the HYP. A special destination is chosen each year. The trip includes either a competition or concert. Past trips, conducted since 1986, include various cities in the U.S. and Canada; playing in Carnegie Hall in 2012; playing as part of the 65th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France, in 2009; traveling to Hawaii in 2005; and playing at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn, in 2013. The trips costs each student both part of the total cost and 3 merits of work (more about merits below), but the funds raised by the HYP boosters offset the cost of the trip for each student. That means the more money raised, the less the cost of the trip per student.

  • What is a “cut above”?
    Actually, it’s who is a cut above, and it’s the orchestra students. Mr. Hansen expects a lot of his students. There is an expectation that students will perform to the best of their ability. But there is also an expectation that the students will act in a professional manner while representing the orchestra, their school and Bloomington. That means being polite and respectful, listening to people of authority, following directions and having a good time!

  • What is “HYP” time?
    That means be early (10-15 minutes), to rehearsals, concerts and whatever activities or events you are a part of as a member of the HYP. That way there is time to find your instrument, music and other things and be ready when the rehearsal begins, or that you’re able to make sure you’re in the proper place and ready to listen. Basically, if you get to the location at the time when Mr. Hansen says to, you are late, because that time means that they have begun loading the stage (getting onto the stage). You have to be early to be ready to load the stage.

  • How do I know what’s going on?
    If you have a high school student, you may find that they don’t tell you all that you need to know about what’s coming up, with orchestra or other activities. A calendar of events is handed out at the Welcome Dessert and is included in the student handbook and directory, which is handed out during the open house sessions at both high schools. To find out more and know about what is added to the calendar during the year, attending booster meetings helps. Checking out the HYP website is another way to see what’s on the calendar and download or print out fliers for events. Our Facebook page is where you will find reminders, videos, photos, and correspondence during trips.

  • What are merits and how to students get them?
    Merits are a unit that shows how much work a student, possibly along with help from parents, family and friends, has done for the HYP. A total of 3 merits must be earned by each student to be eligible for the spring trip. There are special awards given during the awards banquet for students who earn the full merits and beyond. The ways to earn merits are explained on a handout given during the Welcome Dessert and are also contained within the student handbook and directory. Students must earn 2 of the merits themselves.

  • What is NOD?
    It’s the Night of Dance. It’s the one concert each year that costs money. It’s in the cafeteria at Bloomington North and the orchestra plays a variety of music, from the Twist to the tango, and people are encouraged to get out on the dance floor. Parents can dance with their student! There are also refreshments for a minimal cost (another booster fundraiser), as well as a silent auction of baskets during the concert. It’s a fun night, a great way to hear good music and gives everyone a chance to do the Hokey Pokey.

  • How does grocery shopping help raise funds for the HYP?
    The boosters offer the chance to purchase a card from area grocery stores. All the money is spent at the grocery store and the HYP receives a percentage back. So, if you purchase food, this is the easiest way to help the orchestra raise funds while just doing a normal activity. The funds raised to go toward helping your student receive points toward merits. You can designate HYP as a recipient when you register your Kroger card.

  • What is the Masquerade?
    It’s the costume contest that is conducted during the Fall Concert each year. Students are encouraged to dress up in costumes and compete for a little bit of candy and fame as they walk across the stage showing off their special outfits. The judges are the audience members who clap to show their support for their favorite. Bonus points are given if you make Mr. Hansen and/or Ms. E laugh.

  • Why do we have to donate cookies, Hawaiian Punch or Sprite?
    We ask parents to provide desserts and drinks for the String Spectacular concert in the spring. It’s the one concert where all the students in the strings program in the Monroe County Community School Corp. play on the same stage — actually it’s a gym floor so they all fit! The cookie and punch reception is a way to let all the parents and students (and directors) know how much they are appreciated and gives them a time to intermingle and eat.