SCRIP (Gift Card) Program

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SCRIP Fundraising

What Is SCRIP?

Scrip is a fundraising option where you purchase gift cards from national and local retailers that you use regularly including restaurants, department stores, gasoline, fast food, home improvement stores, and more.  Through scrip, retailers sell their gift cards at a discount.  You get 100% of the value of your purchase with the added benefit of earning funds for HYP and earning HYP merits.  No inflated prices, nothing extra to buy, just the items you already use.

To browse the list of retailers that participate in the program including the rebate percentage for each retailer, go to the shop with scrip website.  You do not need to create a username/password for this.

  • Choose “shop” from the top area of the main screen
  • Participating retailers will be listed
  • Hover over the retailer to see the rebate percentage

There are THREE ways to take advantage of Scrip:

  • Complete an order form (Download Hereand submit with payment during regular HYP order event.
  • Scrip Now! electronic cards are available for immediate use. They are great for unplanned purchases and restaurants. For example, if you decide to eat out, order an e-card, print it out, and use it to pay the bill and support HYP. (for more information on this option, please contact Joanna Bruce, Scrip Coordinator)
  • Reload. Certain retailers allow you to reload the physical cards you have already purchased.

If you need more information or have any questions about ordering, contact Joanna Bruce at ten.elbrameulbnull@ecurbjt.